Thursday, December 8, 2011



Here I want to present the GRAND MASTERPIECE program of PPIK out of all program for batch 2010/2011. It's not much better than previous batches programs, but the finest of all in 2011 and I'm gratified by the commitments exhibit by everyone involved. ALHAMDULILLAH.

A simple brief of the program, leaded by Ust Nik Mohd Shazmizi, named KEM IMAM MUDA DAN USTAZAH PILIHAN. 3 days 2 nights camp. Coordinated by Khairul Afnan, a superb combination of AJK's.

One lucid clear lesson I want to share is, for a program to triumph, put your heart in the program. Purify your heart with Iman to Allah and set straight your motives of being involved in the prog and of course the righteous motive, scouring for Allah's redha.

Countless time..
People work for fun
seeking for pleasure
fan up their scope of social
show their presence in the world to everyone
because 'he' is there, 'she' is there
and other niat/intention that is not because of Allah.MASYAALLAH

This factors inhibit Allah's bless on the activities held. Hence, cleanse our heart, make your life beneficial for the world and hereafter. Innamala'malu binniat. Every step counts as ibadah if its for Allah.

"sesungguhnya amalan itu tergantung pada niatnya, dan sesungguhnya setiap orang mendapatkan sesuai apa yang diniatkan, barangsiapa yang hijrahnya kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya maka hijrahnya kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya, dan barangsiapa hijrahnya karena dunia yang akan didapatkan atau wanita yang akan dinikahi maka hijrahnya sesuai dengan apa yang dia niatkan"
(HR. Bukhori Muslim)

FYI, that video was done 4 months past but subjected flunk to be exhibited during assembly in school. If to reminisce back those efforts to show this video was too bitter for me and my friends. Lots of hassle but no worldly benefit. However, we know Allah counts those efforts. He is not like bosses for business or oil and gas companies that takes only output to be calculated into standard of performance but the efforts that counts and of course sincerity. Overloaded works in school cornered me into failing field to glorified group works. Madam Ju even said to me,"busy macam menteri jak". That statement made me ponder does my works a quality one or just quantity.

Saidina Ali once stated,“Kebatilan yang terancang dapat mengalahkan kebenaran yang tidak terancang.”

Lastly, let's pray that Allah accepts every ibadah we do.

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