Monday, March 14, 2011

Sincere(Ikhlas), Secret To Succumb in Life

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

First and foremost, let us say ALHAMDULILLAH! Yeah, alhamdulillah He has given us another speckles of time to live, to repent, to atone for all our sins that we have done.  It is a chance not to be slipped away but to be use to its optimal purpose, IBADAH!

Alright readers, this post is going to be something like motivational, not my piece of life, but something gained from piece of my life.

Two things to be stated, 1. Sincerity 2. Secret to Fail in Life

1. Sincerity. A single word defined as a characteristic that one gives or do without expecting any favor to be returned. The real, no qualm bout it, doing everything with one sole reason, for Allah's sake is the bona fide(true) meaning of sincerity.In Quran Allah define the meaning of Sincerity:

"Sesungguhnya Kami memberi makan kepada kamu kerana Allah semata-mata; Kami tidak berkehendakkan sebarang balasan dari kamu atau ucapan terima kasih,"(al-Insan 76;9)

2. Is theres any secret to fail?? Why need to know secret to fail?? Cause if one doesn't acknowledge the secret to fail, one will never succeed in life, Thus, Fail to triumph the purpose of living, HAI YA A'LALFALAH!,  a phrase summoned upon us, since our birth to our left and right ears. Yes the Adhan. So, the key to fail is expecting everyone to like, be pleased with our action. Trying to make everyone like our decision will only make ourselves to be disliked by everyone.
The ups and downs, culture, and walks of life never allow one to satiate everyone's desire. There will always be dark dots in a shining ground. One could never gratify everyone's desire.

Then, what's the connection between sincerity and one could not gratify everyone's desire???

Yes to avoid being trapped in the group of people that are in the losing end(wish to satisfy everyone's feeling), be SINCERE!

Do everything according to His wish though one may not be satisfy to His decision. One that is sincere is free, they only need to care for one and only, Allah swt. What's to be our priority is not people's favor, but His favor.

Worry to be hated???
Don't worry to be despised, after all, those person that will despise you are person that doesn't like His wishes. No benefits if you satiate one's heart that doesn't obey to His wishes.
Don't worry about any parties' heart, feeling. Just care for His laws and His wishes upon His servants.
 Inysa-Allah, people that have the same love horizon that is For Allah, will be in union.
They will be the one that will like your sincerity.

As conclusion, bear in mind we cannot please everyone, so just please Allah Almighty. Please Allah is the key so success, try to please everyone is the key to fail!

One who is sincere is free!
Sincere you and sincere me will unite. Don't be anxious of being alone, He is Most Fair.

Source: Pahrol Mohamad Juoi's books(Mukmin Profesional: Celik Mata Hati and Nota Hati Seorang Lelaki)

p/s: Don't do something beyond our reach. Leave it to others. There are matters if we involve ourselves too much into it, it will make matters worse.
p/s 2: Bahasa Melayu ver- PPIK's blog