Saturday, May 28, 2011


*Gambar hiasan
Assalamualaikum fellow readers!

Today let us have a query for us all to ponder, have you ever sank in the ambience of LAGHA???

Perhaps I would depict what Lagha is first. 'Overdose' in banging computer games is Lagha, devoted with songs are Lagha, obsessed with sports are Lagha and succumb in the lust for smoke are Lagha! In simple word, Lagha is HEDONISME.

"Adik-adik tahu apa itu hedonisme?" I agitated to my love ones in a particular session.
"Tak tahu","pa benda ya","sikkkkkk" They responded.
"Hedonisme itu ialah terlalu ingin kan keseronokan. Asyik nak berseronok jerr"

That's Lagha, any pass time that we used utterly for one reason,indeed fulfillment of enjoyment to our hearts content that our heart leap sky high till we draw a blank the sole purpose human lived in the world.

"Maka apakah kamu mengira bahawa sesungguhnya Kami menciptakan kamu untuk bermain-main (sahaja) dan bahawa kamu tidak akan dikembalikan kepada kami, maka Maha Suci Allah raja yang sebenarnya tiada Tuhan selain Dia, Tuhan (yang mempunyai) arasy yang mulia." (Al-Mukminun:115-116)

Yes, we had seen, heard this one behest Allah give to us mankind!

Now, to answer the firstly posed query, InsyaAllah, reading this post with its ingredient just scrap of knowledge of from the writer given by Him is not Lagha. We are learning the absolute order where we can't invent or create it. It is ABSOLUTE! Yes, we all had been trapped in Lagha and not even any of us could slip from it once we are in our COMFORT zone.

Lagha. Writer had fall countless time in this mole hole. However Allah has never let any of his servants that plead for His Mercy to be left out from His guidance forever

This retrospect my external hard disk had this bad sector where it decline the booting of my external. Well, I almost out of breath wondering what will happen to the files inside my external. All are files I treasure dearly. There are my tracks of nasyeeds, songs, videos, movies(Korean,Japanese drama and my precious animes are in there people!), and precious pictures that paint my dearest memory with my companions.  

So in the meantime of err in my external, I randomly heard songs in my local disk, despite the genre to be a Lagha, frankly hopping for Lagha ones kononnya to release stress. The button Play All in my My Music is clicked........ Subhanallah! I was astonished with those songs. Typical songs I've heard but never expect it to be Nasyeed. Nasyeeds are all supposed to be in my external. It aroused the sentimental value in myself. It was times where my heart lust, crave for LOVE. Yes love for Him. 

Now I've had the time of my life                 *Hohoho lyrics from The Time Of My Life
No I never felt this way before

His guidance indeed came in an unforeseen ways. He melt our heart from frozen iceberg at any time He wishes. As to conclude the key not to be deserted in hedonisme, far from His guidance is:

1. Pray(Dua')To mankind and this points to Muslims, we always think we are strong lest pay heed to pray to Him. He gave us life, He gave us inspiration, He who gave the power to journey this life, He who gave us IMAN. So pray to him that we would istiqamah in praying to Him and sincere in our Ibadah.

2. Be in a colony of people who love being in religious activities. Live with them, Insya-Allah if they are not that, they are actually improving themselves. In simple words, mix with the elders that are a'lim*bijak pandai,knowledgeable*. Don't ONLY mix with your peers. You will never move forward if stuck in one comfort zone*Afnan said Husnu-zone*. Rasulullah uttered:

"Every muslims are brethren."

Therefore, the elders are your brethren even you do not know them and the junior are our brethren, so treat with kindness and be just!

3. Always follow suit Quran and Sunnah! Do not let any of our work done without the intention of hoping He is pleased. If do not know, then learn! Learn the art of Quran and Sunnah and make it our daily grind.

Hope that pierce our heart to remember Allah cause he will never abandon us if do not abandon Him in our memories.

“Aku berada dalam sangkaan hamba-Ku tentang Aku, dan Aku bersama-nya ketika ia menyebut Aku. Bila ia menyebut Aku dalam dirinya, Aku menyebut dia dalam Diri-Ku. Bila ia menyebut Aku dalam khalayak, Aku menyebut dia dalam khalayak yang lebih baik dari itu. Bila ia mendekat kepada-Ku satu jengkal, Aku mendekat kepadanya satu hasta. Bila ia mendekat kepada-Ku satu hasta, Aku mendekat kepadanya satu depa. Bila ia datang kepada-Ku berjalan kaki, Aku datang kepadanya berlari-lari”.
(Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah, At-Tirmidzi, Ibn Hanbal)