Saturday, April 30, 2011

Am I Astrayed???

sekadar gamba hiasan: No need to pay heed.
InsyaAllah this will be a post for us to pond together.

In recent program I was mired in, I was not gratified with the outcome dan feedback for the program. The result was terrible(not that really). Objective was not scored. I am frustrated. Succumb to the tangling of the anger, I  spout out nonsense. I blame everyone for the unsatisfying result and provoke everyone else around to have the same hatred as I am . How folly....

The next day I pond again.

"O Allah am I doing the right thing. I keep pointing fingers. I keed thinking I am true. I am not doing any faulty but everyone else does. O Allah am I doing the right thing. Allah I beg your mercy, show me the real path, the guidance. Melt my heart, mould it to a crystal heart where my iman shines to have possessions on myself. Not the taghut, not my lust. If the crystal are dent, O Allah reforge it. Only You could give rahmah to Your servants."

To reminisce it back, Its all because of our own faulty when something is in err. Just like in Maher Zain's song, Awaken. To make it rephrase:

Yes,it is easy to blame everything on your FRIENDS when in fact all focus should be on OURSELVES.

Guys, I am sorry. I should pay heed more to major problems and not keep pointing fingers. 

Too occupied with 'berprogram' I became careless with the real objective I am being created. The reason that our creator create us to be in this world. He explained: 

"I have only created Jinns and men, that They may serve Me."(ad-dzariyyat 51:56)

The most important element in every men must have, the faithful heart 24 hours to Allah Almighty. 
However, we were too busy in the program, lest could not heed to His orders. The objective was backfired. 
The heart was astray to comply to the fitrah of our heart remembering Him. Perhaps that was the sole reason we succumb to triumph the program's objective. Now, readers let's renew our syahadah. Grasp this chance..

أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله و أشهد أن محمد رسول الله
"I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Messenger".

There is no other purpose to live in this world but lower our heads to all His and His messenger preach. Prove our syahadah with 1.peace heart and 2.professional physical leads.  


Yeah a nice question suddenly popped out from my head. What do readers think about WHY islamic program or camp is organized and the slots are all different from all the usual Ibadah we do?? It is extraordinary, InsyaAllah a better quality of Ibadah isn't it??Well, It is because the orientalist had implant hedonism in our daily life.The islamic value to be practised in our life is difficult. Therefore islamic programs are held for us to have a grasp of the environment that we will  live in if we are to have all GOOD muslims in our community. 

My personal point of view, there are no disadvantages of negative outcome from any real Islamis program either when we are the participants or the AJK's. As to conclude, take all the opportunity to follow any islamic program, lest we could live in an Islamic environment, a life that promises Jannah to us.

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  1. Few weeks ago I've read an article about "Kem Motivasi Dosa". These motivational camps claim to motivate youth but unfortunately, they neglect the prayers time..

    But that is theirs..and that's not even Islamic programs..

    1 more thing, the hedonism is really a serious matter. But that is what the teenagers like.

    *The article is frm Majalah Solusi Isu-30. Published by Telaga Biru.