Sunday, November 28, 2010


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

This retrospect, I viewed several blogs and people's facebook(s) and somehow, their accounts emits dreadful feeling. They are dehydrated from boredom of holiday!

" Ya allah, borink ny..".  Next, his friend continued
"yarabbi bena ya. borink bh"
"Borink ko mdh?? borink abis lh dduk kat umah jak keja"

How pathetic this to happen when those words quoted by human being carrying the name MUSLIM. Home sweet home. Rumahku syurgaku. That is what we are supposed to feel. Home is where we stay to gather all strength to tackle the outside world yet children(I mean holidaying students) neglect this opportunity.

Bear in mind, if we can't live happily with our own parents, siblings, during these days, think further could we live in peace with our partner(husband/wife) in the future???

Rasulullah p.b.u.h(peace be upon him) had said:

أفضل صلاتكم في بيوتكم إلا المكتوبة

“ Sebaik-baik solat kamu adalah di rumah kamu melainkan solat fardu.”

Hadis sahih riwayat bukhari dan muslim

Next, another hadith I stumbled upon recently:

صلوا في بيوتكم ولا تجعلوها عليكم قبورا

“ Hendaklah kamu solat sunat di rumah kamu dan jangan jadikan rumah kamu sebagai kubur kamu.”
*the word kubur means a place where darkness engulf you. Bukan kubur benar-benar aa.
Hadis riwayat Aishah r.a, Ahmad. At-Thabrani dan al-Bazzar.

Home sweet home, none other place better to present ourselves to Allah s.w.t.
If home is the place that wreck us down, a catastrophe to our soul and heart, that paralyzes our movements, perhaps say GOODBYE to the Heaven that Allah prepare only for His beloved and obedient servant.

*for people having home...

A reminder to me and to all readers, Allah bestowed us with mind to think, then think deeply how happy can you be inside your own home. Reflect ourselves.

p/s: buat muslimin dan muslimah yang dahagakn nikmat Allah ketika cuti ini, ambillah peluang baca buku-buku yang bermanfaat, ilmiah! Hafal lh sebahagian ayat al-Quran and prepare yourselves for the upcoming school. Itulah nikmat terbaek! 1 month left, such little time to prep ourselves with pure heart, knowledgeable head...


  1. Salam,, apa khbar,, ada apa program bru ka di Miri?

  2. Wsalam. Alhamdulillah sejahtera.
    program utk lepasa spm ada
    kat kpg sukan. 22-24april. Perkampungan Menara Gading namanya.